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This is an artists conception of what the castle will look like when finished.

It looks like we may all need to live in castles soon to protect us from our government. The United States is now a police state. For more information, click here: Martial Law

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To see a few of the interesting things that have occured at the castle in the past:

The 2006 Siege of Dupont Castle

The 2009 siege of Dupont Castle

2010 Murder Mystery at Dupont Castle

The overall long range plan.

View from the building location.

Picture of the royal wishing well we built.

Picture of the royal stone gateposts that we built

What the building site looked like at the end of 1998.

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Pictures of recent progress ( 2017)

1-4-2017 This is what the castle looks like at the beginning of 2017. The three story part is the "KEEP" where we live. The one story part to the left is the storage room over the garage. The rest is as far as I have gotten on the "great hall".

1-6-2017 Well, Mother Nature keeps reminding us that's she's around. Fortunatly, this was only about an inch of snow. Enough to look pretty, but not enough to cause any trouble.

2-20-2017 I was able to get two windows installed. These are both in the area that will be the kitchen for the great hall. I have ordered more windows.

3-9-2017 I have all seven windows in place for the great hall. I still need to caulk around them and do a little painting.

3-29-2017 The weather has warmed up enough that I can start laying block again. I'm working on row 3. My next goal is to finish this tower.

3-29-2017 Something else I should mention is that this is the anniversary of Galin adopting us. He has been with us fourteen years today. He was full grown when we found him at the shelter, so we are pretty sure that he is over fifteen years old. He has been a great companion all these years. We hope he is here a lot longer.

4-12-2017 I've finished the 6th row on the last tower. Eventually, it will look just like the one to the left.

4-21-2017 This is what the whole castle looks like from the front.

4-28-2017 The tower is now the same height as the wall.

4-28-2017 So now I can start installing the wall studs for this tower.

5-3-2017 I've finished the wall studs in the tower and have started installing the ceiling joists.

5-15-2017 I've finished the tower roof.

5-30-2017 It's taking a while because we have had a lot of rain around here lately, but I have finished row 20 on this section. This is as far as I need to go.

5-30-2017 I have now started setting blocks on the next wall I need to work on. I am about half finished with row 14. I need to get up to row 20 before I can add the crenelations in this area.

6-8-2017 I have now finished row 17 in this area, Three rows to go.

6-22-2017 On the back wall, the crenelations are now finished except for the top caps.

6-27-2017 The next thing I need to do is finish the last four rows on the inside wall (the wall facing the courtyard). I have started on row 17.

7-16-2017 I have now finished with the last row on this portion of the wall.

7-16-2017 I now need to get started on the outside wall. I have four more rows to do plus crenelations.

7-17-2017 It is my sad duty to report that we lost Sir Galin today. He has gone on to that great castle in the sky. We will miss him greatly. To see a short video about Galin being attacked by a wild animal, look here:
Galin on YouTube

7-23-2017 We had a visit this evening from our friend Barney. He stops by every now and then. He seems to like our bird feeder.

7-25-2017 I have now finished rows 17 and 18. Two more rows to go till it's time to add the crenelations.

8-1-2017 A brand new friend stopped by today.

8-1-2017 I have finished with row 20 and have started adding the crenelations to this wall.

8-3-2017 All of the crenelations have been finished on this part of the outer wall.

8-16-2017 Someone stopped by today to apply for the job of "protector of the castle". He said his name is "Duke". Duke sounds like a good name for anyone that works at a castle so we are letting him stay for a while to see how he works out.

9-4-2017 I am now done with row 22 on the last tower.

9-5-2017 The nice men from the Roof Center came today to deliver the EPDM (rubber) roof material that will be used on the great hall.

9-10-2017 I have now finished row 26 on the last tower. All that is left to do is to put on the crenelations.

9-18-2017 I have now finished all the blocks on the tower. I still need to install the top caps. That will be done later, there are other things I need to do first.

9-19-2017 I was told by Duke's former owner that today is Duke's birthday. He is eight years old. Happy Birthday buddy.

9-20-2017 I am turning my attention to installing the EPDM (rubber) roofing material. The first thing I need to do is to determine the location of the terminating bars. These hold the end of the rubber.

9-20-2017 Once I determine where the bars will be, I need to drill 1/4 inch holes in the blocks and install plastic anchors in the holes.

10-4-2017 This is what it looks like after the rubber is screwed to the wall under the terminating bars. I still need to trim the excess and caulk the top of the bar.

10-16-2017 This is what the rear section looks like now. I'm almost finished here.

10-16-2017 Still a lot of work to do on the front section.

11-2-2017 The front section is finished as much as I can do for this year. There is still about 10 feet up front that does not have the plywood installed and I cannot do that till the front wall is finished. Not likely that will be done this year. Winter is coming. The part that is finished is weathertight, that is a big help.

12-1-2017 I was talking to my friend Woolly today and he was telling me that as far as this winter is concerned, it should be milder than normal.

12-16-2017 I received an e-mail asking me where the water goes after it lands on the rubber roof. I guess I didn't explain that very well.

The roof is sloped so that one side is about 6 inches lower than the other. On the low side, I have several openings that we call scuppers. Above is a photo of one of those openings.

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Queen Patricia and I would like to say a special THANK YOU to the following people who have volunteered time and energy to help with the work at the castle site.

Bill Postlethwait
Mariann Postlethwait
Mark Eastwood
Barbara Gay
Jim Eaton
Carol Eaton
John Miller
Terry Robinson
Shereen Robinson
Brad Hurliman
Rob Dekarske
Shirley Mandler
T.O. Galloway
Bill White
Adam Elliott
Mike Rozalski

I would also like to thank the following people for advice, technical assistance, encouragement, and moral support:

John Miller - Bull Run Castle
Ron Bigbee - Castle Avalon
Sir Randy Michael - Chateau LaRoche
Peter Wing - Wings Castle
Sue Maxwell - Ravenwood Castle
Mike Freeman - Castell Gwynn
Roger Greim - Kataryna Castle
Bruce Busboom - Busboom Castle
Meme Hardin - Hardin Castle
Wyatt C Mortensen - Sleeping Beauty Castle
David O'Connor - Castle Anam Cara
Mike Newman - Newman's Castle

We would like to thank the following people who donated either money furnishings, or building materials to the Dupont Castle building project.

Bill & Mariann Postlethwait
Shirley Zimmerman & Bob Hampl
Mark Eastwood &Barbara Gay
Frank & Beverly Frederick
Bentley & PamWestfield
Al Dumit
Frank Bredimus - Berkeley castle
Mack & Mattie McLaughlin
Terry and Rick Moody - Sky High Castle
John & Pat Beno
Terry and Linda Jemison
Tientje Willis
Carl & Christine Hanfling
Charles Klusarits
Rick & Shirley Rutherford
T.O. Galloway and Shirley Mandler
Bill White
Annamae and Ron Ankeny
Keith Nolan
Foy and Helen Varner
Jim Fassio
Richard Taylor

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