Murder Mystery at Dupont Castle

Sir Reginald is the mythical owner of Dupont Castle. Little did he know what was in store for him on October 30, 2010, the day before Halloween.

Sir Reginald's castle is located in the county of Morganshire. There is a battle brewing there between the forces who want to see a zoning law enacted and those who do not. You can tell by the sign in front of the castle that Sir Reginald is against zoning.

Sir Reginald had a Halloween party at his castle. Unfortunately, while the party was going on, someone murdered Sir Reginald. The murder occurred about 4 in the afternoon. There were more than 30 people there including some who worked at the castle.

The guests included:

Iza Horder - Sir Reginalds brother in law.
Lady Ruth Liz - Sir Reginalds sister in law.
Rodney Tripp - Sir Reginalds neighbor.
Morgan Yez-zone - The Morganshire Commissioner.
Barry Green - The Gardner
Lacey Stiches - The Seemstress
Shirley Kleene - The Chambermaid
Stan Zalone - The Butler.

It is rumored that Di Zalone (the ghost of the wife of the butler) has been seen roaming the castle. And it is also rumored that there is a timid Vampire somewhere in the castle

Of course, Lady Patrice who is the wife of Sir Reginald was at the castle.

And, Sir Galin was in attendance.

Morgan Yez-zone, who is the County Commissioner of Morganshire, was seen with a flyer from the local group PROTECT, the people in favor of zoning. Could the fact that she favors zoning be enough motive to murder our Sir Reginald?

Barry Green, the gardner had many disagreements with Sir Reginald. They recently argued about Barry making a garden on the roof of the castle. Could he be the killer?

Stan Zalone, the butler, suspected that Sir Reginald might have caused the death of his wife Di Zalone. Could he be the killer?

Lacey Stiches, the seamstress, was going to vote for zoning. Sir Reginald knew that, and was considering firing Lacey. Would that be enough of a motive for her to murder Sir Reginald?

It just so happened that one of the guests was Morganshire Detective - Scott Linnyard.

Detective Linyard determined that there were 8 suspects and he called them together so he could question them. Some seemed to be in a jovial mood, not caring about what just happened to Sir Reginald.

After a round of questioning, they decided to break for some food. After all, this was a party.

Then back to more questioning.

Many of the guests listened to the testmony and tried to determine who killed Sir Reginald.

At one point during the evning, the ghost was seen. Everyone left the room in a hurry. The timid vampire tried to leave, but he just went splat against the wall.

It was determined that this was a friendly ghost, so we let her stay and enjoy the party.

Stan Zalone (AKA Harold Powell) sang us a couple of songs. He placed third in the Frederick Idol Competition. I'm sure Sir Reginald would have been pleased that we had LIVE entertainment, even though Sir Reginald no longer was.

Some of the ladies posed with Sir E-bay.

We all had desert.

No one was forced to eat gruel.

As it turned out, the murderer was determined to be Barry Green who got in an argument with Sir Reginald on the roof and pushed him over the edge.
Sir Reginald went splat just like the vampire did.

Wherever Sir Reginald is now, we are sure he would be happy to hear that the proposed zoning law was defeated in Morganshire by a large margin.

After the party, Di Zalone returned to haunt the tower in the Duke's Suite.

This murder mystery party was planned and written by Shereen Robinson (center). She is shown here with Cindy and Ray.

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