I received E-Mail that said:

I would like very much to find pictures of or information about a replica of a castle in Omaha, Nebraska, reported by my mother to have been called the Yates Castle I believe, in which my grandfather lived and housed his family, as well as holding journalism classes for a number of lads, in the 1910-1930s period. My mother was born in this castle, which she showed pictures of once, and all I can recall is a HUGE fireplace, a la Citizen Kane, with my grandfather and his students around him in big leather chairs. His name was Karl or Carl Bickel (he was long gone before I was born). I have no records, as I'm rather cut off from my sister, who has whatever mother had. If anyone has evidence of this now-demolished castle, I'd be delighted. I remember mom saying it was built as a replica of a Scots castle. My grandfather lost the castle in the Depression.

Later, I received e-Mail that said:

FINALLY…I have a little bit of Yates information to share with you. Sorry it isn’t more, but it is something. The photos belong to the Omaha Public Library and are posted on their web site. I drove past the site of the former home. It is a decent looking older apartment courtyard complex. Incorporated into the courtyard are a few former salvage details from the house that once was. The Yates school building is sited to the immediate west, both are set back the same distance from the street.

{{Castlefinder note!}}I'm not sure this is quite what I think of as a castle. I may remove it after a while.

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Photo property of the Omaha Public Library.