I have heard a rumor that someone has been working on a castle in or near Roanoke for several years.

Later, I received E-Mail that said:

I think I've seen the castle you mentioned being built in roanoke, va. its located in bedford county between highways 81 & 220 I believe. All that I've seen so far is the upper half of it from a distance, but it looks pretty massive as is. next I go home I'll do some up reckoning and try to get some pictures for and directions.

On 1-29-09, I received e-mail that said:

I lived in Roanoke, Virginia for 16+ years before I joined the Navy, but I wanted to give you some information, that maybe help you with the unknown castle in Roanoke. The builder's name is Joe Swindell. I went to High school with him. I have seen some pictures of the land but nothing of the formation of the castle. I haven't been back to virginia in 4 years so I don't keep up with that stuff. Anyways. The pictures he marked said "the site of his future castle, In castle rock gorge". that's all I know about it. Hopefully this is the same castle that your talking about.

Does anyone have any information on it? Is there someplace I can get a picture?

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