I received E-Mail that said:

Our castle-building is coming along way slower than we would like, but the site is still beautiful and I love being there. We're in SouthCentral Alaska, near Wasilla (which is near Anchorage). We really don't have facilities for guests other than lots of space for tents, but visitors are welcome!

Helen Sullivan

Unfortunately , on 12-5-11, I received e-mail that said:

I was surfing your site and links and tried the geocities link for Alaska, which was down, so I googled it. There’s a similar-named one near Tacoma, but another search brought the result “We were going to build a castle, but…” It’s now, near Wasilla Alaska, and they seem to have changed life goals to raising goats. The site only mentions the castle idea (I admit I’d hoped for an in-depth narrative of their planning/designing/changing focus story, but alas).

In my opinion, it might be nice to add this new link to the existing page, rather than remove the link entirely. Many interested in castles might also enjoy learning about the spinning process (a personal hobby).

This is the link:

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