Castle Otttis was created as an original landscape-sculpture... ”Done in Remembrance of Jesus Christ.” A landscape-sculpture is defined as a structure built to adorn or to view the landscape. Castle Otttis is an impression of an Irish castle of 1,000 years ago. The interior was created under guidance of historians from the Catholic Diocese of Northeast Florida to replicate an atmosphere of an Abbey(or Christian church) in Ireland during the same period.

The Castle is made available by appointment to schools, churches, colleges, universities, institutions and community groups for academic and spiritual environments and has provided a unique setting for small, intimate wedding ceremonies. The Castle is located on highway A1A three miles north of St. Augustine, Florida.

For further information:

Castle Otttis
P. O. Box 1754
St. Augustine, Florida 32085
Phone: (904) 824-3274

Visit the official Castle Otttis webpage: Castle Otttis

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