I received E-Mail that said:

I think that maybe a building close to my house may have been a castle years ago. I live on the west side of Cleveland, and over the Fulton Road bridge just to your left by Denison Ave., there is a house that looks like it is a castle. I have long been fascinated by this house. I think that maybe at one time, it might have been a castle because, there is a long old, brick wall on one side of the property, and at the beginning of street that this house sits on is what looks like was a small gate house at one time.

You can see part of this house when you are on the Fulton Road bridge. The bridge goes over the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. the house itself is done in the old Tudor style, and does not look as big as the old, old castles. But still, to me that is how I think of it, as a castle. I went to your website, and saw some of the e-mails about a castle in Cleveland, and I guess someone thought that there was one down on Prospect, but I'm wondering if this could be the one?

Later, I received e-Mail that said:

I know that one of your "unknown" listings in Cleveland is for sale. So, I found the site, with photos. Just think, your very own castle for $189,900! Okay, it's small, and it's not quite in your definition, but it does overlook a valley. You could pour hot oil on the rushing Visigoths.

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