I received E-Mail that said:

Although it has been years since I lived in the town of Greenville, NH there is a home there which I believe will fit your criteria for "Castles". The house is located on Temple Road just down the road from the liquor store. The home is very old and easily recognized. I had the honor of babysitting in the home a couple of times in the mid 70's as my mother rented an apartment in the house next door. At the time the home was owned by a professional couple with one daughter (both were attorneys if I remember correctly.) I cannot recall the name of the family however I will attempt to contact mother and see if she can provide any further information that I can send along to you. I'm afraid I have never had a picture of the home (for which I could kick myself).

I have had a love affair with this home from the first time I saw the original slate sink right on through the 3 floors and the cupola room. It is my deepest desire to one day be able to own this home, however the likliness of this happening are slim and none. But one must have dreams! Perhaps some of you fans can help with the info on this home. It is brick construction, with a porch that wraps 3/4 of the way around the home.

On 5-7-14, I received e-mail that said:

There is really nothing remotely castle-like about any of the homes in the area of Greenville described by the person who wrote to you. I think her childhood memories have made one of the Victorians in the area grow into a castle in her mind. Nothing around there is even a stone or exposed brick structure!

Does anyone have more information or a photo?

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