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Melrose Castle is a private residence. It is NOT open to the public, please do not bother the people who live there, or trespass on their property.

Melrose Castle is located on Rt. 602 in Casanova Virginia. It dates from around 1854 and is situated on a fifty acre parcel of land. It was built by the Murray family who named it Melrose after their homeland in Scotland. During the civil war, the castle was occupied by forces of both the North and South.

I received E-Mail that said:

Melrose Castle, Casanovia VA
Gothic Castle built c1858, 8 fireplaces, great hall, towers and parapets, 7 bedrooms. Served as Union Army headquarters and inspired Rinehart's "The Circular Staircase" mystery novel. On 50 acres with stable and strong stream. Listed $1,950,000 by Allen Real Estate Company Jan 1998. featured many times in Christie's Great Estates magazine as well.

Later, I received E-Mail that said:

I have been hesitant about writing you regarding Melrose Castle...Why I don't know but I just wanted to let everyone know that it is unfortunately back on the market. I say unfortunately because we purchased it with the intent to move there in August of 2001 but due to circumstances beyond our control it is not likely that we will be able to relocate in the near future. Here are some important facts that some may not know about the castle.

This is truly an enchanted Castle in an enchanted 50 acre Forest. It was originally commissioned in 1849 to be built. It was not finished however until 1853. Most of the original structure was built using stone quarried on the property. It was built by the Murray Family. They did in fact name it Melrose Castle after Melrose Abbey because Dr. Murray loved the author of Melrose Abbey, (I believe it was W.S. Fitzgerald) and because he was of Scottish decent. It was infact occupied by the Union Army during the Civil War. It has been mentioned in, and has had pictures in several history books. To the best of our knowledge there has never been a metal detector allowed on the property to collect artifacts.

In the 40's it was owned by a polo player and was added onto around that time. Therefore you can see where the old structure was originally but the newer stone is more uniformed. It did not however change the appearance too much and it still hasn't lost it's wonderful old world charm. Right now this lovely castle has 9,600 square foot of living space. However, it has not lost the "home" feeling.

The castle has 8 bedrooms, 6 full baths including a master bath with a seperate jacuzzi tub and large shower. This bath has custom ceramic tile and a fire place. The master bedroom has two fire places. All three have been converted to gas. On the main level, the home has a grand hall, two parlors, two half baths (powder rooms) a formal dining room, a masters office, a gormet kitchen and a butlers kitchen and pantry along with a bedroom and bath that are most likely to be used for servants quarters off the kitchen. Going up the main dramatic staircase, (there are 4 total staircases in the home) you enter into an open grand hall. Upstairs are the 7 bedrooms and 5 full baths. To go up the terret you have the infamous "spiral or circular" staircase leading to the roof. Mary Reinhardt Roberts stayed at Melrose one summer and was inspired to write the mystery novel "The Circular Staircase" which later became the movie "The Spiral Staircase".

When it was purchased this last time, there was carpet throughout. Now the carpet has been removed and the heart pine floors have all be exquisitly re-done. The home has been brought back to the way it was in the 1800's with the exception of the gormet kitchen that has two dishwashers, two ovens, two refrigerators and a full size freezer. The large crown molding and the wonderful flooring all add to the charm.

Presently it has returned back on the market because we cannot re-locate to Warrenton. Unfortunately we will never experience the wonderful feeling of being able to live on this great piece of history. We are offering the home for sale at $2,200,000. The castle would make the perfect weekend retreat or great bed and breakfast. The castle is nestled on 50 heavily wooded acres with Gupton Run running through it. With it being just 46 miles from the White house, it truly would be the perfect place for one of our government officials to relax away from all the caos of Washington. Any inquiries may be directed to Sandy Sullivan at 1-866-754-0601. Please tell her that you found the castle on the "Castles of the United States" website.

Later, I received E-Mail that said:

An update on the Melrose Castle near Casanova, VA below with the link. Looks like the sale is pending and it will be a B&B soon.

Later, I received E-Mail that said:

I may have emailed you too soon on Melrose as the zoning board did rule against some of their proposal: &dept_id=506066&rfi=6

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It will be a real shame if the Board of Supervisors does not approve the application of Mr. and Mrs. North. Melrose is a great old castle, and it should be lived in, loved, and enjoyed.

On 6-2-05, I received E-Mail that said:

I went down to VA this past weekend on a scenic trip and swung by the Melrose Castle to see what it looks like. There is this sign at the end of the driveway that says Melrose Castle, Circa 1858, but the gate is closed and the trees have grown so much that the castle is not visable from the road. I took pictures from the street, but they were all fairly poor since the trees block the view. Eventually I left, frustrated that I never got a good look.

A few miles down the road I passed a SUV and I just felt like it was the owner. So I turned around and headed back. I was right, and the gate was open, so I just drove right up to the door. I got out and was greeted by a couple of large but friendly dogs but no people. I blew the horn a couple times and a man came out. He was friendly enough, and didn't mind me taking a few pictures.

He said that the North's are no longer in the picture, having been denied their request by Facquier County. The problem was not the Bed and Breakfast, but the "Wedding Factory" that they wanted would have brought too many people for the roads of the community to handle. (I would have to agree from my one visit, since the road was blocked by a very bad accident when I left....a very winding and dangerous road if someone were to be drinking at a reception or something). I didn't ask his name, but he bought it from the North's and has since been approved for a Bed and Breakfast to open this Fall (2005). It is absolutely beautiful, and my wife and I will be spending the night as soon as it is open.

On 6-12-06, I received an E-mail that said:

I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that my wife and I recently purchased Melrose Castle. We have been madly in love with Melrose since we stumbled upon it in 1999 when it was listed by Joe Allen. We'd visited it several times over the years and when we moved to CT we had a picture of Melrose mounted in our kitchen. We tracked the saga of the North's attempt to turn it into a B and B plus wedding venue through your website and the local paper.

We will be living in Melrose full time, so for the first time in over 10 years it will truly be a "home". The last two owners have definitely improved the castle, but it shows the typical signs of not being "lived in". We truly feel privileged to be a part of this amazing home and we thank God for this opportunity.

On 4-23-11, I received e-mail that said:

I thought you might find this newsletter from the Fauquier Co historical Society which mentions Melrose Castle and includes 2 photographs.

On 4-2-13, I receved e-mail that said:

I grew up in Fauquier county my whole life and often check up on how Melrose is doing. I figured I would update you on Melrose and it's current state, I see your last update was 4-23-2011.

Melrose is currently least it seems. The castle has a few broken windows, graffiti inside and out, and overall in a bad shape. Looks like some kids / teens have turned it into some type of hangout, place wreaks of weed, and beer cans litter the whole house. Someone occasionally comes and checks up on the place and there seems to be cleaning going on, as new cleaning supplies are spread throughout the place, mainly in the kitchen. I know people that went to check on the place the beginning of February and took a few pictures, place looked bad, only thing left in the house was an old entertainment center. The pool also looks like it's been vandalized. Such a shame this place isn't being lived in, really is an amazing piece of property in Casanova, especially right across from Spring Hill farm, which is currently for sale, only a whopping 25 million!

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Melrose Castle is a private residence. It is NOT open to the public, please do not bother the people who live there, or trespass on their property.

On 4-8-13, I received e-mail that said:

Here is a link to several photos I took recently at the castle:

Morgan Rice

On 4-9-13, I received e-mail that said:

I saw the email that you received saying that Melrose was graffitied and that is completely false. The castle is in pretty good condition considering that it is abandoned and that no one is doing the upkeep. It's pretty empty, almost no furnishings at at. There is a broken wine glass in the kitchen, some leaves that have blown in, and some natural deterioration, but besides that it is just an empty shell. There is a side room that is not actually part of the castle with a broken window and the pool is fine, although the cover has been blown off. There is a little evidence that someone has stayed overnight (mattresses on the floor), but no one is there now.

It IS being watched because teens have been burning abandoned houses in the area. Melrose is really a beautiful castle and it is sad that no one is currently residing in it's walls. I have wanted to live there since I was seven, but i'm glad i've had the opportunity to explore it, take pictures, and drive by it every day. The best part is definitely the tower with the spiral staircase to the roof. There is a beautiful view of Casanova and the mountains in the distance. And the add on does match the rest of the castle staying with the old look. The castle does not smell like weed or look like the aftermath of a party. No beer cans, nothing. Electricity and water do not work, to no surprise. I was there right after you posted the email saying it was in bad shape, so there was no time for clean up.

On 9-12-13, I received e-mail that said:

Melrose Castle is for sale:

Just wanted to pass on the info. There are a lot of great photos!

On 12-10-13, I received e-mail that said:

I emailed you about ten months ago with several photos of Melrose Castle in Virginia. Since then, the bank has foreclosed Melrose Castle. Someone has started a foundation to save Melrose Castle, and they provided me with an opportunity to go back and take more photos of the progress being made on the home itself.

The photos can be found on my photography page here:

In addition, the Save Melrose Castle foundation's Facebook page can be found here:

On 12-2-16 I received e-mail that said:

Melrose Castle had been purchased through the foreclosure auction a couple of years ago and it is now back on the market. You can search under the address: 8871 Rogues Road, warrenton, VA and "for sale" and all sorts of listings come up. Here is a link to one of them:

I have a particular interest in this castle as my husband lived in it for a number of years with the former owners and I was lucky enough to spend many weeks there. Truly a magnificent building! Wish I had a cool $2.2 million to buy it!

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