Chateau Laroche is the work of one man, Sire Harry Andrews, who started building the castle in 1929. Most of the stones from which it was constructed were carried in buckets from the nearby riverbed. Mr. Andrews would on occasion let someone else do odd jobs such as mixing mortar, but he laid every stone himself. Some bricks used in the building of the castle were made by pouring cement into used milk cartons and removing the cartons after the cement had hardened.

Over the years a group of people known as the "Knights of the Golden Trail" was formed to help Mr. Andrews with the castle. When Mr. Andrews died at age 90 in 1981, the castle was willed to the Knights of the Golden Trail. The Knights are keeping Sire Harry's memory alive by taking care of the castle and putting the finishing touches on it. They also make sure someone is there to guard the castle at all times. The castle can be toured or rented for weddings, or perhaps a party. Each Halloween, it is made up to look like a haunted castle.

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Chateau Laroche
12025 Shore Drive
Loveland, Ohio 45140
Telephone 513-683-4686

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I received E-Mail that said:

I just want to say how great the Loveland castle is. I have been there many times. I love going there. I have also worked at the haunted castles. It was great fun. I know that the people that help to get it ready for the haunted castle work long hard hours on it. They need to be proud of themselves for doing such a great job. Both in keeping it up and the haunted castle. It really is a great place to go and see. Just like they say when you get there and they show you the clock on the wall. It is like you are stepping back in time. If you ever go look at the clock on the wall. See what I mean by it. I have been there enough time that I could almost give the tour myself. I know almost everything about it. People really need to go and see it. It is worth the trip down the hill to see it.

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Patty and I visited this castle in March of 1999 and we felt honored to be able to spend the night there. This is one of the most authentic castles I have ever seen. From inside and out, it looks as though it could have been constructed hundreds of years ago. If you're in the Cincinnati area, this castle is a "must see". A special thanks goes to Sir Randy A. Michael for giving us a tour of the castle.

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