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The truest castle is 'Iolani Barracks in Honolulu. It's a matter of a few feet from 'Iolani Palace, which you've already listed. But 'Iolani Barracks looks much more like a classic medieval fortress. I believe it was used as a barracks for the queen's guards when Hawaii was an independant state.

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I see that your page on the Iolani Barracks asks for more info. We visited there two weeks ago, and this is what we learned:

The palace guide book says it was completed in 1871 to house the Royal Guard. It was originally located where the capitol building now stands. In 1965 it was moved, stone by stone, a short distance to its current location on the Iolani Palace grounds. Now it houses the ticket office for the palace and a gift shop. Wikipedia has more info about it:

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A special thanks to Susan Martin for taking the photo and sending it in.