The Castle on the hill sits overlooking the Malibu lagoon, one of California's most spectacular ocean views. The Castle is located on approximately three and a half acres, and has approximatly ten thousand square feet of living space.

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I think the Castle on the Hill in CA. belongs to Tony Robbins. He talks about it in his tape series "Personal Power." He mentions that it's about 10,000 sq. feet.

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You might find this info relevant. I don't know the official name of the Malibu castle, but I do know that it is where newlyweds Brad Pitt and Jenifer Aniston live. My fiancee attends Pepperdine University which is just up the road and we drive by it all the time. I don't think it really has an official name although I am sure Bradd and Jen have their own name for it. It is just one of the unique houses of the stars on the Malibu Hills overlooking the ocean. I hope this helped in anyway. Keep up the castle finding, it is really interesting!

Does anyone have more information about this castle? I would like to know if it has a name other than being called the "castle on the hill". I would also be interested in knowing who built it and when.

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The castle that you have referred to as "the Castle on the Hill" in Malibu, California is called Hodges Castle and was built from 1977- 1979.

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The reason it is called Hodges Castle is because it was built by a man named Dr. Thomas Hodges from 1977-1979. It is located at 23800 Malibu Crest Drive. That is all of the information that I have. Also, I am pretty sure that Brad and Jennifer Pitt do not reside there.

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The castle on the hill in Malibu is not inhabited by Brad and Jen. It is actually owned by a true princess. She lives in New York 3/4 of the time. It was on the market for a long time after the Doctor.

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This castle on the prominent Hill above Malibu was the film location for two episodes of the Rockford Files TV show now in rerun on WGN.

Episode 115: October 19th, 1979 Only Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die - Part 1
Episode 116 October 26th, 1979 Only Rock 'n' Roll WIll Never Die - Part 2

You can see much of the castle's inside and parking lot. The castle appears to me to be newly constructed.

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Castle Hodges, was used in the movie The Ring of Musketeers, with David Hasselhoff. You can guess the plot! Available on VHS!

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People of Malibu California say the "Castle on the Hill" was originally owned by Bob Dylan.

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I've got some information for you on the castle at Malibu,Calf.. Go to:

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Just wanted to follow up on the comment made about the castle in Malibu possibly be owned by Tony Robbins. It's true that Tony Robbins lives in a castle (built in the 1920's) but it is not located in Malibu. It's in Del Mar. Can't find any pics of it though.

On 10-21-07, I received E-Mail that said:

I am new to your website, but thought you might like to know that the Kashan Castle in Malibu, California was destroyed by fire today, Sunday 10-21-2007. It is a real shame such a beautiful structure. But, from what I've heard on the news, Ms. Lillie Lawrence (the resident/owner) indicated that she would rebuild; if not on the same acreage, at least in the same (Malibu) area.

On the same day, I also received this:

I thought you might be interested in this news story. The Kashon Castle in Malibu California has been destroyed by wildfire.
Wildfire burns homes in Malibu, Calif. - Yahoo! News

And also this:

I have some sad news for you regarding one of the castles you have in your listing for the US. It is the "Castle on the Hill"/"Kashan Castle" in Malibu. This castle is now the unfortunate victim of a fire (one of 9 in CA) currently going on in the Malibu area. The news (CBS) is calling it "Castle Kashan" saying the owner is Princess Lilly, a princess from Iran.

The following link will take you to the news story itself.

On 10-22-07, I received e-mail that said:

I know of the Malibu Castle, it is or was my wife's uncle's castle. His name was Dr. Thomas Hodges and he built it with mexican labors and the wood that was used for the front doors and inside was from around the world.

We visited it in the summer of 1993 I and my family went out to visit my sister who was a nun in Seal Beach. That was the year an earth quake hit while we were there early in the morning sleeping it hit something like 7.6 . But my wife never met her uncle and we went up the coast to visit and it was a beautiful place. No not to my knowledge did Brad and Jen live there. Some people would go to the gate and hollor "Michael Jackson we know you live there" but he never did.

It had a security gate and when you went through it you would follow a road that went up to the castle from the back of the mountain and then would come into the court yard and the building to the left of the main castle was a garage on the bottom and apartment on top. The Castle had two very large main doors ( we have a picture of him and us outside the front doors ) and when you walked in there was a lot of wood floors and columns. In what I would call the family room which overlooked the canyon it had glass from floor to I believe the ceiling it was really big it was the whole wall and you could see the whole canyon and the houses below which Mr. Hodges said George C Scott lived and some other actors Charles Bronson if I am correct. I remember standing at the kitchen window and you could see the coast and the ocean it is a view I will never forget and out in the front was a court yard with a water founta! in and benches and other things.

They did make movies there because the second time my wife and I went back because she wanted to talk to him about her father when they were young because they did not get along very well it seemed like Tom wanted to, but his brother John did not. He asked us if we wanted to come back that Thursday night because they were going to shoot some part of a picture and we could watch we did not make it and we found out George Hamilton the Man with the Tan was there. He said the shooting company were really great they would clean every thing as is they were not there I saw on a movie one time it had the castle in it.

That was the last time we spoke to my wife's uncle Dr. Thomas Hodges he had retired from a Medical Center he owned in Malibu. Tom and John use to call each other once in a while but that broke off and John my wife's father died about 5 years ago we do not know what happened to Dr. Hodges we heard he bought some commercial reality in the midwest but we do not know that or even if he knows his brother died.

We just heard this morning it caught fire and burned down and it was an oil relivtive that owned it I belive Dr. Hodges sold it around the year 2000 before or after a little. He sold it for 5 Million Dollars from what his brother John told us.

On 10-23-07, I received E-mail that said:

With regard to Castle Kashan, which was engulfed by fire today (10.21.07) the owner, Ms. Lawrence, purchased it in '98 for 3 mil, and put in on the market this past Spring for 17 mil.

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