On 8-24-11, I received E-Mail that said:

This is the Hilan Castle built by Charles and Teresa Roper in 1913, in Newport Oregon. I grew up always loving it, it's not stone, but it's still just as much of a castle to me as any other. Plus the siding makes it look very Central Oregon Coast. It's three levels, and I think you can rent out the bottom level which is it's own apartment, though that might not be true I think it depends on who owns it. It's also on the National Register of Historic Places, and it's one of the older buildings in Newport. That's all I really know about it. I heard that it was used by witches once, though I've also heard lots of silly rumors about pretty much every old building in the area, and I have yet to find one that was true.

Oh, I almost forgot, it's for sale for $790,000 http://hilancastle.com/index.html

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Thanks to Renee Lynn for sending the photo.