I received E-Mail that said:

Dear sir, Approximately one year ago a friend of mine saw a show on Homes and Garden TV about a man in vermont who built his home in the form of a castle. He has been looking for information on this home for 3 months and can not find it. If you know anything about this castle could you please pass it along.

Later, I received E-Mail that said:

The unknown castle I believe you are looking for is located in Irasburg, VT. Owned by Harv & Sara Gregoire. They did in fact build their home like a castle. I'm sure they would be glad to provide you with more information.

Later, I received E-Mail that said:

My name is Jodi and several months ago I wrote to you asking for help finding a castle in Vermont that was previewed on a PBS special about a year ago. You placed my letter on your web-site and after a few months someone else wrote to you about a gentleman by the name of Harry Gregoire in Irasburg Vt. After sending a couple of e-mails and finally writing to him via normal mail, I recieved a letter from Mr. Gregoire today and indeed this is the castle that I was looking for. Mr and Mrs Gregoire built it themselves from 1990-1996. PBS did do as video about it in 1992 and 1995

Later, I received E-Mail that said:

I live in Vermont, and can give you more information regarding two of the "castles" here. There is a picture of the Irasburg castle owned by Harv and Sara Gregoire on the Barton, VT Chamber of Commerce page. It is listed under Harv's business, Sky Sports Adventures
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The Gregoire's can be reached at:

Sky Sports Adventures
4887 Burton Hill Road
Irasburg, VT 05845
Tel: (802) 754-2057
Fax: (802) 754-6258

The castle is open to tourists on weekends in the summer. Afternoon tea is served either inside or in the garden. There is also an antique shop. The inside archecture looks as "castley" as the outside, and they have furnished the rooms with antiques.

Later, I received E-Mail that said:

I finally went to find this castle. Harv & Sara Gregoire are very nice and welcome visitors to their Castle Shoppe on weekends. They run an antique business & pastry/coffee shop from 11-5. They are closed in Jan. and Feb, with special hours after Thanksgiving.

You already have a link to Harv's business, which has all you need to find their place. I'm including a picture. They don't have a grand name for their castle, but they refer to a "Northern Noplace" in their book, "Seasons of Choice", which describes their castle building adventure. It's an easy read, and has some useful information. I'm including a picture or two for your website.

Later, I received E-Mail from the owner that said:

Jim, Thanks for the email. I was very impressed with the castle you and your wife are building! The name of our castle is The Gregoire Castle. It is in Irasburg Vt. , in the northeastern corner of the state called the Northeast Kingdom (really!). My wife and I also did ALL the work on ours, and have published a book on it ( the title is Seasons Of Choice). For more pictures, and information about the book, go to

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A special thanks to Mark Bruneau for sending the photo.