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There is a castle in Portland. It's called the "Gleall Castle", I guess, officially --but I hear more people calling it the "Piggot Castle." It is really much neater (and larger) looking from downtown. The castle itself is perched on the very edge of of the cliff in Portland's famous West Hills. It is present in all historical photos of old-time downtown Portland.

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I do historical research on Victorian houses. The Gleall Castle is really The Charles Piggot House or what they call "Piggot's Folly." Here is the information that I have so far:

Piggott, Charles House
2591 S. W. Buckingham Terrace
Portland, OR

1892 Romanesque Revival

Charles Piggott came to Portland in 1877, after selling a small produce company in San Fransisco, and began a number of successful business ventures. He worked in railroad construction, produce sales, and was a bricklayer before establishing himself a s a lawyer. In 1891, he became owner of Consolidated Brick Company, from which came all the bricks used in “Piggott’s Castle.”

Piggott was forced to sell the house after living in it for only one year because of the financial panic of 1893, and the structure was known for years as “Piggott’s Folly.”

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