I received E-Mail that said:

Greetings Jim, Thank you for the inquiry on our castle, It was built in 1995, It is a new castle. The story is a little sad as the builder who built it was also the owner of the lemon grove and lived in a trailer on the property. His wife received a large settlement from a medical claim of over $600,000.00 . The husband who was a builder, said that he was going to take that money and build his wife a castle, well he did, but he ran out of money, He left her, the house went into foreclosure and was sold to this highest bidder.

A friend of ours told us about it, and at the time I was the manager of another Bed and breakfast in Escondido. He said, Connie its time you had your own place as I was working hard to get this bed and breakfast up and running. We looked at the castle , fell in love with it and bought it July l999, They stripped it and so we had to get it back in shape.. We made it into a bed and breakfast. We have 4 suites, they all have 2 person Jacuzzis and private balconies.

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever own a castle, we have done some treatments inside to make it feel more like a castle, with, murals, tapestry, medieval pictures, sconces, canopies antiques, and more. we continue to add to the castle to make it more castle like.

On the outside the turrets are all copper and the chimney has copper scalloped shingles, the tile roof is gray with huge 12 x14 in. tiles, we have huge boulders everywhere and a fairy grotto garden with fountains, sun dials, statues,and 2 huge california oak trees that are at least 400 years old and we have 5 acres of lemon trees., Our special nectar that we make from our lemons is triple berry lemonade, blue, black, and raspberries. Balconies everywhere and we are at the foothill of the beautiful Palamar Mountain, which has an Observatory. Its so close you can almost touch it, check out the pictures on the website. Our rooms each have a theme, Lady Godiva, Sir Lancelot, Romeo and Juliet and Cupids Chamber.

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A special thanks to Connie Vlasis for the photo and information.