I received E-Mail that said:

I have a 4 story house in Chatsworth (1928). I am converting it into a castle. I toured the Doctor Hodges castle in Malibu and he was a tremendous inspiration to me. I had my tombstone shaped windows installed by a company called Mastercraft. When I was in their showroom, I noticed that door. I HAD to have it. It is imported from Guatemala. It's made from Alder wood. It's hand-heuned. It has a "speak-easy" little door within the center of it to see "who comes aknockin." It is 8 feet tall and 42" wide.

So far, I think the name of my castle is going to be "Comansion." It's a combination of the street name (Comanche Trail) and the fact that the house is so tall and mysterious (mansion). The main part was built in 1928.

Later, I received e-mail that said:

I remembered reading the article earlier this year while watching the news regarding the SoCal wildfires.
See video:

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How sad. I certainly hope Mr. Rausch is able to rebuild this wonderful castle.

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A special thanks to Michael Rausch for the photos and information.