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I received E-Mail that said:

Have you heard about the small castle on the shore of Lake Mich. located outside Holland,Mich.? I think it was built around 1895 as a smaller replica of a German castle.

Later, I received E-Mail that said:

You may find this link rather interesting. I believe it to be your Unknown castle outside of Holland Michigan.
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I happened upon your website and noted your request for information on the Unknown Castle near Holland, MI.

Castle Park is actually the name of what is essentially a small village of approximately 80 summer houses and small cottages along Lake Michigan. I am from Indianapolis, but our family used to summer there when I was younger (late 60s-mid-80s). The castle itself was used for many decades as a small inn for those who did not own or were not renting one of the summer houses. Although our family usually stayed at one of the houses on the lake, we did occassionally stay in the castle. At one point, I understood that it was also used once a week as a late summer/early fall gathering place for Wizard of Oz fanatics. It was closed in 1985 as an inn when the owners of the summer houses decided to purchase it so that it could be made into a community center.

The history of the castle (as seen at seems quite right to me and I can attest to many a fun time at the Graecian-ruin amphitheater near the castle as well as playing bingo at the meeting house.

As for the castle itself... I remember very well-manicured gardens around it during the late-60s and up to the late-70s. Herb gardens, boxwood hedges, etc. all gave a very English idea to what I now understand was supposed to be a Germanic castle. A wing to the castle had been added decades ago in order to accommodate the needs of the inn. The interior of the castle had some vestiges of being Victorian in nature. Much of it had been modified as large dining rooms, kitchens, etc. I visited the castle last year and found that the addition had been removed and the castle's exterior restored. The super English pub in the lower level appears to also have been restored.

Later, I received E-Mail that said:

The castle in castle park is a great castle. I go there every summer to stay in our summer home. The castle now is a library and a bingo hall for the people in the park. The castle was built in 1894 and was bought by all the cottage owners around the park. I myself own part of it with almost another 100 people.

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Postcard Photo found by Phil Bilzor.