While in Normandy during WWI, soldier Bill Blecha fell in love with castles. When he returned home, he went to work for a company that took down old buildings. Mr. Blecha saved interesting construction materials with the intention of someday building his own castle. In 1945, he began building and completed the castle in 1950. Mr. Blecha and his wife lived in the castle until the death of his wife in 1989, and his death shortly after.

Six years later in 1995, Hilde Vormann bought the castle with the idea of opening a Bed & Breakfast. After moving in, she changed her plans and decided to open a restaurant and named it "Keller in Kastle".

Later, I received E-Mail that said:

Purchased in 2004 by Amy and Ralph Rollins, renamed Castle Falls, the castle and grounds serve as an event center for weddings, parties and business meetings. A restaurant, Jutta's Keller at Castle Falls, is located in the cellar of the castle and features fine German cuisine.

Castle Falls (formerly Keller in the Kastle)
820 N. MacArthur
Oklahoma City, OK 73127
405.942.6133 (phone)
405.601.7119 (fax)

Their website is: - The castle's history is included in the website.

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Thanks to Katrina Price for sending in this castle.