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I am not sure if this qualifies, but I thought that I would mention that Boston University has its own castle. Simply named "the castle" the lore behind was that the owner, William Lindsey, built it for his daughter as a wedding gift. Apparently his daughter was traveling abroad in europe and fell in love with the various castles there, so, her father built it for her.

I think I was told that it was based on some european castle but a much smaller scale. Unfortunately, the daughter was returning back home on the Lusitania and went down with the ship. The father lived there for the remainder of his life and somehow, whether it was him or his relatives, donated it to BU. I am not sure how accurate the story is or if it has just been student lore passed down over the years. I believe that theLusitania was hit by torpedos on her way from New York, not to New York, so that would make the story a little inaccurate. Either way, it makes for an interesting story.

There is a small conference room in there, and while waiting for conferences to end, this gave me the opportunity to look around. Inside it is fully furnished with old furniture and is quite nice. Downstairs, in the basement is a pub.

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I noticed you had a listing for BU's Castle, but not much info. We have a website that you can link to:
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Updated link for Boston University Castle:

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Boston University Castle -- before becoming the current function space and pub, it was the President's House (for BU presidents). This role for the building was abandonded by the long time, very controversial, very conservative (vis-a-vis the students and faculty) BU president Dr. John Silber sometime in the early-mid 1970s a few years after he took office. With a young family at the time, he was reportedly uncomfortable, to say the least, being trapped in the center of the campus, thick with sometimes very violent student protests and anti-war demonstrations. At the time BU was referred to as "Berkeley East." Silber moved to a manse near the far edge of the campus' Brookline-Boston border in the Cottage Farm neighborhood. I understand the Cottage Farm residence continues as the current President's House.

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